Meet Anthony

After building her practice for 10 years as a solo practitioner, Michelle Brown welcomed Anthony Zachmann Vallejo as the second therapist at Wildflowers Wellness in 2015. Anthony is a talented ATMAT practitioner and experienced massage therapist.

In Anthony’s words…

“Here at Wildflowers Wellness, I practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Arvigo® Practitioner, sharing the wonderful healing techniques that I have learned. I’m studying nutrition through the Standard Process Nutrition Assistant Program, and learning about plants and their healing properties through the MediHerb product line and the Spiritual Healing practice of the Maya healing tradition. This work connects me to my grandmother and her plants, to our ancestors before her, whose culture and language I have grown up feeling a part of, and to all those that seek healing. 

I began massage school in 2011 after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in linguistics, and shortly after my grandmother’s funeral. It was a turning point in my life, to say the least. 

My grandmother was the first and only member of her family to relocate from Mexico to Texas. I grew up eating lots of homemade Mexican food, taking many trips to visit family in Mexico, listening to the grown-ups speak Spanish, climbing trees outside with my cousins, and spending lots of time at church. Of course, like everyone, I was faced with my own personal challenges; I was diagnosed with Glaucoma at the age of seven and began a daily regimen of medicated eye drops. I am no stranger to chronic health challenges, as so many of the clients I serve at Wildflowers Wellness.

Massage school was where my personal path to healing began. I started receiving regular massages and my pains started going away. I had met many vegetarians and wanted to try it for myself, so I did. I started having more energy, my allergies started clearing up, I dropped excess weight and I became free of asthma. I was feeling so much better, my mood couldn’t help but improve, too! 

I was overjoyed and eager to share what I learned on my healing journey, but as I started practicing massage, I realized that there was one area where my knowledge lacked; I wanted to learn how to support the abdomen, and understand the importance of the health of the organs within. This interest ultimately led me to Michelle Brown’s Arvigo® Self Care class in August of 2015. Very quickly, I realized that this was exactly the kind of training I had been looking for. I followed the Self Care class with an ATMAT Professional Care class, which proved to be the beginning of a new chapter for my career. My next Arvigo® course, Intro to Spiritual Healing, brought back many pleasant memories of childhood “limpias” that I would receive from my mother and grandmother.

Once I returned from the Arvigo® trainings, Michelle introduced me to Standard Process. I asked her if there happened to be nutritional support for my Glaucoma, and in fact there was! I started meeting with Michelle hoping to find healing for myself, but truly, that was only the beginning. Michelle asked me if I might translate for her and a family of Spanish speaking clients and soon after invited me to assist with a Spiritual Bath, which I was all too eager to do. From there, I simply never left. 

At Wildflowers Wellness I have the opportunity to see how effective the Arvigo® and nutrition work can be, and to experience and learn at a rapid pace. I have already gotten to alleviate severe digestive problems with herbs, help a client with PCOS achieve pregnancy with massage, and calm nervousness after a car accident with spiritual bathing. All of us, including myself, work everyday to heal. I’m grateful for the opportunity to walk that path with others.”