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Wildflowers Wellness is an herbal formulary and dispensary. We make blends for clients that are as unique as each individual. We also tincture Rainforest Remedies in-house as part of The Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapies®, and carry a full line of Standard Process Supplements. With so many nutritious, natural resources at our fingertips, we are sure to find a combination of products to fit your individual needs, health history and personality!

Standard Process Supplements

These are the supplements that stand out above all other supplements.  Made from whole foods as opposed to manufactured in a lab, each supplement carries with it the full vitamin and mineral complex found in nature, which helps your body make the most of what you are giving it. Standard Process Supplements are exclusively carried by health care providers and are meant to be taken with expert guidance. Michelle and Anthony can attest to the integrity of the organization, through which they often take continuing education courses. Michelle has even visited the Standard Process farm to see the supplements being made, from the organic farm to the immaculate processing facility!

Unique Herbal Blends

Not every herb works the same way for every person, and not all herbs go together. We blend high-quality herbs to your specific needs. We source liquid herbals through MediHerb for the highest quality product, tested and approved for potency. 

Rainforest Remedies

Specially formulated from rainforest herbs used by Maya healers for centuries, these tinctures help with everything from backache to painful periods, stress to male reproductive issues.  An important aspect of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapies®, these tinctures compliment the Maya abdominal massage.

Miscellaneous Products

      We offer a variety of seasonal, custom blended herbal products that include vaginal steam blends and pregnancy teas. Get in touch to see what we have available!

21 Day Purification Program

This program is a supportive cleanse to help the body get rid of built up toxins and rebuild its ability to cut down inflammation, handle estrogen dominance, fend off disease and deal with everyday stress. You can do a cleanse individually, or ask about a Cleanse Group in order to go through the program with a supportive group of other Wildflowers clients. Created by Standard Process, the program includes taking daily supplements and eating lots of nutritious smoothies, cutting out all potentially inflammatory foods at first and then introducing more foods in again over time.