Frequently asked questions

What is Maya abdominal massage?

Maya abdominal massage is an external, non-invasive massage technique that moves the organs to their optimal position. This creates healing through increasing circulation and nerve supply to the organs, also decreasing scar tissue in the abdomen. Achieving pregnancy, relieving constipation and eliminating pain during menstruation are some of the most well-known uses of Maya abdominal massage.

What are you doing to minimize COVID risk in your appointments?

I am sanitizing and washing my hands in between each client. Additionally, both the client and I will remain masked throughout the entire appoinment, unless outside and properly distanced. Weather permitting, appointments may take place in my covered outdoor area, at my discretion and dependent upon the comfortability of the client.

What will a typical appointment consist of?

First, we will go over your intake paperwork together, discussing what brings you in and your medical history. If you are a returning client, we will discuss any updates to your mind and body since I last saw you. Once our session begins, it will be to a massage in that you will be undressed to the level of your comfort and draped on the table. I will then massage your abdomen and may include a variety of other holistic healing practices including cupping, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, myofascial release and more. When our appointment is over, I will leave you to dress and then we will connect about the appointment and discuss any exercises you can do at home, any meditations I recommend practicing and any herbal or dietary recommendations I have to support you in your healing.

Where are you located?

I practice out of my home in East Austin. Whenever you book your apppointment, I will send you details regarding my exact location.