Reproductive Health

From helping young athletes alleviate their irregular and painful menstrual cycles, to aiding couples who have difficulty becoming pregnant, to supporting older women through menopause, Michelle has a wealth of experience to draw from in reproductive health. With her knowledge and experience from 5 years as a home-delivery midwife, along with the wealth of wisdom from ATMAT, she has earned the trust of many a midwife, nurse-practitioner and doctor. 

We frequently help with:

  • menstrual disorders, including pain and PMS
  • difficulty getting pregnant
  • fertility adjunct to Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • in pregnancy : sciatic pain, back pain, heartburn, constipation, anxiety
  • adhesions after cesarean birth
  • pre and post-hysterectomy
  • swollen prostate
  • varicose veins
  • premature ejaculation, impotency issues and the need to urinate frequently

“My regular sessions with her are one of best things I’ve ever done for myself. I go with gratitude.”

“Michelle’s work was an instrumental part in my ability to finally conceive.  I had been trying for about a year when I started to work with Michelle and was under the care of a fertility doctor. Michelle’s massage work assisted my body in getting to the healthy point it needed to be for conception to occur.  The ability for me to conceive without fertility drugs was due in large part to Michelle’s work in getting my body where it needed to be.”

“I received prenatal and uterine massage from Michelle and was very impressed with her skill, knowledge and gentleness.  Not only did she address the problems I was having with effective therapy, but she made me feel comfortable in the process.  She was very attuned to my needs as a pregnant woman.”

“What I gained from my experience with Michelle in just two sessions was absolutely invaluable! She not only has a wonderful, healing energy, she was sincerely interested in my continued wellness and taught me techniques to use at home to further my progress. Not only have my physical symptoms improved, but I feel more hormonally and emotionally balanced. I am beginning the transition of menopause and I prefer to go through this phase of my life as holistically as possible. I highly recommend her work!”

“Michelle is a wonderful, caring healer. I have seen dramatic results from her abdominal treatments helping me to recover post-hysterectomy. I would recommend her to anyone with female issues or digestive issues.”

“Michelle treated me for a prolapsed uterus, which I had ignored (in mild form) for decades. Surprisingly, within the first month after treatment I could tell “Mrs U” was moving back up towards her original location. After 2 months of treatment, together with nutritional support and increased exercise (swimming), the problem had been resolved to the point where I rarely noticed it any more. Now, almost half a year later, my abdominal area organs feel like they have more space, better circulation and are sitting firmer in place. I am so thankful that Michelle was able to help resolve this issue without surgery or other invasive options.

“I came to Michelle with a whole slew of problems caused or affected by my amenorrhea. We set a goal of seeing me have my first period within 6 months and it happened well before that! Michelle’s work was truly a holistic and eye-opening experience for me. It put me more in touch with my body and all of the things it was telling me and all of the ways that I needed to respond to what it was telling me. I am truly a happier and healthier person just from working with her for only about half a year. She is a wonderfully gifted healer.”

“My midwife referred me to Michelle after a difficult labor and cesarean birth with my first child.  Her contributions to my physical and emotional healing at that time were essential, and I have since been entirely grateful that I had the opportunity to do something so wonderful for my self. In addition to her invaluable help with that process, after years spent suffering from painful menstrual periods, thanks to Michelle I experienced little to no discomfort when my cycle returned. Now that I am pregnant again, she is an essential part of my prenatal care.  Aches and pains disappear after our sessions, and I move forward with confidence that both my baby and myself have much to gain from this investment in our well-being.  Michelle is a gifted and intuitive healer, and I wholeheartedly recommend her care at any point for any woman.”

“I originally came to see Michelle because I was just curious about Arvigo massage, never knowing it would be a turning point for my health. Michelle has helped me more than any doctor or alternative therapist I’ve seen in the past 5 years of searching. I was suffering from: chronic infections, painful intercourse and irregular cycles. Those issues are all gone now and have stayed gone! She’s a gem in my book and I highly recommend her.”

“Michelle is a wonderful practitioner. She takes time to listen to your concerns and adapts her techniques & knowledge to meet your needs. Michelle continually strives to educate herself in women’s health issues. I started seeing Michelle a year after my c-section with twins. I was having a shocking pain left inguinal area. After 3 visits, the shocking pain is no more.”

I was unsure of what to expect at my first appointment with Michelle. She exceeded my hopes and expectations. She tended to my “whole” body and gave me hope where I had none. All other professionals I had seen offered me nothing compared to Michelle. I broke my tailbone during the birth of my first child and I credit Michelle with saving me from that experience with my second birth. Each appointment after the initial one proved to be equally, if not more beneficial. She is worth every penny.

  I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone in need of her gentle yet powerful touch. I personally have dealt with “female issues for many years of my life and found Michelle’s Arvigo technique to be profoundly helpful. In addition to being an awesome practitioner, I found Michelle to be a wonderful human being.”

“I went to Michelle all through my pregnancy and some afterwards. She is an exceptional healer, woman and human. I have great admiration for her and would highly recommend her to any women with menstrual issues, pregnancy, PMS, etc. She helped me so much.”

“Michelle’s gentle hands deserve a tremendous amount of credit for my unusually healthy (both physically and mentally) and comfortable pregnancy. Her monthly massages were the single best investment I made in my body and my health during those 9 months.”

Michelle was a huge support during my pregnancy.  She met me on all levels: emotional, spiritual and physical.  Physically, she helped ease many of my pregnancy discomforts including headaches and foot swelling.  Emotionally and spiritually she was my rock when I really needed one.  I love the spiritual baths.  Another thing that I really liked is that she taught and encouraged self-care measures.  I highly recommend Michelle and plan to continue seeing her for postpartum support.”

“I always left feeling lighter, as if nothing at all was stuck, fully aware that nothing can hide from those magical hands. I have always felt so safe, nurtured, cared for, and surprised on numerous occasions what I was holding onto that needed to go!