Wildflowers Wellness Successful Treatments

There are many healing modalities that inform my work and my practice. The Maya abdominal massage training is one of them, but my work has gone beyond that because of the people who have come to me and the wide array of health issues they presented. My experience as a homebirth midwife in the 90s, my training as a massage therapist and herbalist and my skills of intuition and connection, based in years of meditation practice, all inform my work and yield numerous successes.

Female Reproductive

- Fertility challenges

- Secondary infertility (unable to conceive after first term pregnancy)

- Displaced uterus 

- Fibroid management 

- Low libido 

- Endometriosis 

- Painful periods

- Uterine, bladder and rectal Prolapse (early stages, management of severe stages)

- Excess vaginal discharge

- Dry vagina

- Candida/Bacterial Vaginosis

- Pre-hysterectomy and Post-hysterectomy support

- Ovarian cysts


- Twisted fallopian tubes



- Nausea 

- Overdue baby 

- Health maintenance (prenatal consults and supplements during pregnancy)

- Sciatic pain, piriformis dysfunction

- Malpositioned fetus, breech, posterior and assynclitic

-Post Partum depression

-Post Partum irregular menstrual cycles

-Post Partum reflux and chronic heartburn 

-Scar tissue after cesareans

-Realign tailbone after delivery (for broken tailbone during delivery)


- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 

- Chronic Constipation or diarrhea 

- Painful Bowel Movements 

- Gastroparesis

- Acute pancreatitis

- Acid reflux

- Gut dysbiosis

- Diverticulitis/ischemic colitis

- Crohn’s disease


- Colds 

- Flu Symptoms 

- Anemia 

- High Blood Sugar 

- Pain from prior injuries, even ancient injuries

- Dry Eye 

- Chronic fatigue 

- Envy

- Sugar/Food cravings

- Autoimmune disorders

- Broken tailbone

- Interstitial Cystitis


- Low Motility

- Poor morphology

- Prostatitis

- Frequent or painful urination

- Erectile Dysfunction

- Pelvic floor pain

Infants and Children

- Infant colic, vomiting or spitting up 

- Reflux

- Painful bowel movements in toddler after fall

- Insomnia/poor sleep

- Night terrors

Emotional Trauma

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Fear

- Grief

- Sadness

- Recovery from food disorders

- Abuse recovery


- Severe bug bites 

- Toenail fungus

- Ringworm

- Eczema