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Welcome to Wildflowers Wellness located in East Austin – my holistic care practice since 2006. 

I have a courageous faith in people healing themselves. My goal is to aid my clients in tapping into their own bodily intelligence. You are the expert on your body. You are the only person who has lived in your body the entire time it has been on this earth. That innate wisdom is a powerful asset on your healing journey and I am here to help you access it.

With more than 25 years in holistic health care, I support individuals from the moment of birth to the last moments of their lives with countless successful treatments in female reproduction and fertility issues, digestive issues, emotional trauma, pregnancy support, male issues, colic and so much more.


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My goal in this work is not only to help you heal whatever issue is ailing you, but to also support you in rediscovering that you are your body’s best healer. Working together, we will encourage you to notice the sensations of your own body. From that awareness, my hope is that you illuminate for yourself what your mind has constructed in your physical body to create even more healing in your body, mind and spirit.


The centerpiece of the practice is Arvigo Technique®, a modern adaptation of traditional indigenous healing practices consisting of abdominal massage, herbal remedies and spiritual bathing. I also incorporate Craniosacral therapy, cupping and other bodywork techniques into my practice.


There have been many successes in my office over the past 13 years. From couples who have reached pregnancy after long journeys of fertility struggles to children with digestive issues resolving after one session, elders with stomach or emotionally based ailments and newborns/infants in pain or with insomnia. The applications of this work are vast and those who have been helped, countless. 

 This work has saved many from surgery or unending need for pharmaceuticals. I wish to help practitioners of all backgrounds to help more humans to be truly healthy. We can all participate in building a better world and functioning to our best capacity. In my work, I have felt thousands of bellies: I saw open heartedly, heard thoroughly, and considered carefully each person I served. Each unique person taught me beyond what a textbook or classroom can. With our knowledgeable touch, we can affect change, allowing health directly to individual organs. For instance, I have simply and painlessly relieved stomachs diagnosed with gastroparesis, gall bladders with sluggish emptying, uterii with indurated material inside of them, for instance.

I am now available to mentor practitioners. 

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I have been well educated in and sell Belizean herbs, dry or tinctured in tequila.

I also sell Standard Process and MediHerb supplements, the highest quality herbal supplements available exclusively sold through health care professionals today. 

Herbs and supplements are recommended at your appointment or through phone consultation.

"Michelle treated me for a prolapsed uterus, which I had ignored (in mild forms) for decades. But then it became pronounced around my daughter’s 7th birthday. Surprisingly, within the first month after treatment, I could tell 'Mrs. U' was moving back towards her original location. After 2 months of treatment, together with nutritional support and increased exercise (swimming), the problem had been resolved to the point where I rarely noticed it anymore. Now, almost half a year later, my abdominal area organs feel like they have more space, better circulation and are sitting firmer in place. I am so thankful that Michelle was able to help resolve this issue without surgery or other invasive options. And best of all, not only do I feel better about my body, but my body feels better as well."