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Michelle Brown

Ancient Healing Arts Practitioner


Abdominal Massage

Vedic Astrology

Central American Herbs

Trust your innate ability to heal.


Welcome to Wildflowers Wellness

in Austin, Texas

At Wildflowers Wellness, I integrate the techniques of ancient traditions to guide my clients to their highest healing.


With more than 25 years in holistic health care, my practice is rooted in Maya abdominal massage and spiritual bathing, herbal remedies and Vedic traditions, including Jyotish and Shirodhara treatments. 


Through massage and herbal remedies, I help my clients experience relief from reproductive challenges, chronic digestive issues, emotional trauma, and a broad range of health concerns. Through Vedic astrology, either in-person or virtually, I help clients gain deeper self-awareness and understanding, travel through periods of transition, and prepare for what lies ahead. These core practices are further supported by meditation, spirit bathing, yoga, and handmade malas.

From my home office in East Austin, I provide a safe and non-judgmental space where I welcome individuals of all ages who are ready to take part in their own healing. Welcome to my practice.

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The centerpiece of my massage practice is Maya abdominal massage that’s complemented by Belizean herbal remedies and spirit bathing. I also incorporate craniosacral therapy, cupping, myofascial release and other bodywork techniques into my work.


This approach has saved many of my clients from surgery, invasive treatment or an unending need for pharmaceuticals. I’ve helped couples become pregnant after long fertility struggles, resolved digestive issues in children and adults after a single session, treated elders with emotionally based ailments, and aided infants experiencing insomnia.


  My goal is to help you resolve your ailments and to trust your innate ability to heal.

  • Chronic Digestive Issues

  • IBS, Crohn's Disease and Colitis

  • Female Reproductive Challenges

  • Pregnancy Issues

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Insomnia and Chronic Fatigue

  • Anemia and Blood Sugar Dysregulation

  • Eczema and Skin Issues

  • Infant Colic, Insomnia and Night Terrors

  • Anxiety, Depression and Grief

“You are the expert on your body. You’re the only person who has lived in your body the entire time it’s been on this earth. That innate wisdom is a powerful asset on your healing journey. I’m here to help you tap into your own body intelligence.”

I’m trained in both Belizean herbs and Western clinical nutrition. I offer Belizean herbs in both dry and tinctured forms (tinctured in tequila). In addition, I carry Standard Process and MediHerb supplements, which are the highest quality supplements available.

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Vedic astrology provides perspective about timing in our lives and our karmic inheritance. Unlike Western astrology, the focus of Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, isn’t about predictions. Instead, Vedic astrology focuses on greater self-understanding and an awareness of our place in the world. The birth chart serves as a map to provide us with information about our strengths and weaknesses, and it helps prepare us for what’s ahead. When we learn to work with our karma, we’re able to find greater flow in our everyday lives.


I offer therapeutic and medical astrology in combination with body-based therapies. I also provide virtual astrology consultations via Zoom, and baby chart interpretation for parents.

A mala is a knotted string of 108 beads used in meditation practice to aid in concentration and mindfulness. As a former professional handweaver, I handcraft beautiful gemstone malas based on your unique Vedic astrology chart.

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I have felt thousands of bellies in my years as a midwife and massage therapist. My extensive bodywork experience, in combination with studies in herbalism, nutrition, Vedic astrology, and meditation, provides me with a unique understanding of the body, mind, and spirit. In decades of practice, I’ve found that physical conditions are often a symptom of more complex concerns. These are best remedied through a holistic approach and treatment of the whole person.


I have an unwavering dedication to my clients. From a young age, I learned the value of treading lightly on the Earth, speaking only from highest consciousness and the importance of personal responsibility. In my practice, I engage open-heartedly, listen thoroughly, and carefully consider each person I serve.

"I have a courageous faith in

people healing themselves."

"Michelle saw me for a prolapsed uterus, which I had ignored (in mild forms) for decades. But then it became pronounced around my daughter’s 7th birthday. Surprisingly, within the first month after treatment, I could tell 'Mrs. U' was moving back towards her original location. After 2 months of treatment, together with nutritional support and increased exercise (swimming), the problem had been resolved to the point where I rarely noticed it anymore. Now, almost half a year later, my abdominal area organs feel like they have more space, better circulation and are sitting firmer in place. I am so thankful that Michelle was able to help resolve this issue without surgery or other invasive options. And best of all, not only do I feel better about my body, but my body feels better as well."


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