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Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes throughout human existence, and many of the botanicals we call on today are the same plants used in ancient times. I offer organic Rainforest Remedies, Ltd. Belizean herbs in both dry and tinctured forms, and individually formulated herbal compounds and proprietary blends to support your physical health. I also offer pre-formulated herbs and supplements from Standard Process and MediHerb, which are the highest quality supplements available.

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Traditional and Western Training: A Blended Perspective

With training in Belizean herbs and Western clinical nutrition, I have the benefit of understanding the effects of herbs on the body from multiple perspectives, including from a physiological standpoint. Both schools of thought recognize that disease and disorders can be caused by a combination of factors. While one school looks to lab results to assess issues like hormone imbalance and autoimmune disease, the other looks at the whole person to understand root causes and presenting symptoms. While they arrive at their purposes differently, both perspectives when respectfully applied recognize that each person must be treated individually, according to their specific needs.


I’ve completed more than 200 course hours of study in clinical nutrition and herbalism. I studied traditional Belizean herbalism under Rosita Arvigo, who was my mentor for over a decade. Rosita set a place for me at the table of the lineage of her teacher, Don Elijio Panti and the teachings of other Maya traditional healers. I completed my professional training in applied clinical nutrition through MediHerb and Standard Process.

Completed Training in Clinical Nutrition and Herbalism

Female Hormone Testing & Therapy

Advanced Female Hormones

Male Hormone Testing & Therapy

Hormone Signaling & Nutrition

Hormone Health

Adrenal and Thyroid

Cell Rejuvenation/Thyroid Health

Key Clinical Imbalances


Fundamentals of Nutrition

Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition for Body Systems

Rational Nutrition Intervention

Nutrition & Herbal Strategies

Understanding EFAs/Liquid Herbs

Applied Clinical Nutrition Certification

Detoxification Trainer Certification

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The Benefits of Herbs

Herbal remedies provide gentle relief and work with the body to promote the healing process. They’re an excellent complement to abdominal massage and bodywork, and they also support you in your karmic journey. Herbs can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, from constipation and acid reflux to anxiety and skin rashes

Commonly Addressed Conditions




lack of appetite



intestinal parasites

skin sores

skin fungus

urinary complaints

erectile dysfunction





stress-related indigestion

irregular periods


hormonal migraines

uterine conditions



immune system disorders

sore throat

sinus congestion

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