About me

Looking back at my life as an older woman, I see a consistent thread of earth-care consciousness, service, beauty and spiritual pursuits. What I can offer to others now comes down to the teachers and teachings that I've had. 


Of course, my greatest teachers are my parents, daughters, siblings, current and ex- life and work partners. 


As a teen in Quaker boarding school, the values of treading lightly on the Earth, speaking only from highest consciousness and taking personal responsibility were deeply instilled in us through our daily life. Each morning we gathered as a whole school in silence for 10 minutes every morning, to start our day together mindfully. When I say a whole school, it is important that it is clear this meant the administration, the teachers, the grounds maintenance, the cooks and the students, all valued equally.

In the 1990's my teachers, Servando Trujillo and Michael Copeland led the traditional Lakota Sweat Lodge, upholding earth-based spirituality and awareness of the duty to our worldwide ancestors to honor, preserve and spread conscious community and build community on kindness to one another and to the earth. Rahima Baldwin certified me as a Childbirth Educator. Here in Austin Texas, Melanie Van Aken and Barbara Christman instructed me to become a midwife, and I sat the Board exam given by NARM. Nancy Crossthwaite was my teacher for many years in Western and Ancient Egyption Spiritual traditions. Most recently, Rosita Arvigo was my mentor for over a decade, setting a place for me at the table of the lineage of her teacher, Don Elijio Panti and the teachings of the Maya Traditional healers. From Rosita I learned Mayan massage techniques, herbalism and spirit bathing.


With all respect and dedication to those who have given so much to me, I offer my best effort to my clients.


I am now available to mentor practitioners. My hope is to be a rich source of information for those whose work is helping others heal.  My extensive training in traditional methods and philosophies of healing and decades of holistic health practice, paired with my medical experience as a licensed midwife and nutritionist, arm me with a unique understanding of what the body is doing. It is so beneficial to bridge the gap between the holistic and medical worlds. As your mentor, I am happy to:


  • support health practitioners oriented to classical western medicine to understand the body from a more holistic point of view

  • mentor other holistic health practitioners who wish to be able to help their clients address complex health issues

  • assist my clients to better understand diagnoses given from their doctor, feel into their own body, and determine how best to support themselves

  • teach any practitioner how to better use and trust your hands to assess a body’s condition, particularly in regard to the health of internal organs


If you are seeking to learn, please contact me for more information about a mentorship opportunity.


For more information, to book an appointment or discuss a mentorship opportunity, please send me an email to wildflowersoffice@gmail.com