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The ingredients in this formula are targeted to help alleviate problems with menstruation: painful or irregular periods, PMS, and hormonal migraines, to enhance fertility as well as reduce menopause symptoms (including hot flashes). Please use under the guidance of a professional trained in Rainforest Remedies for the correct timing and dosage. (See "refund policy" for guidelines for contacting me directly in this regard).

The formula notably includes Skunk Root, AKA the Shaman's herb, which enhances connection with one's inner voice and intuition. 


Ingredients: Copalchi, Man Vine, Billy Webb, China Root, Mexican Wild Yam, Ginger, Skunk Root


*Not to be taken during pregnancy


Disclaimer: Michelle Brown and Wildflowers Wellness do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, as defined by the AMA or WHO.

Female Tonic Dry Herbal Blend

  • This Female Tonic is a dry herbal blend. Herbs are sourced from Belize. These herbs are gluten-free and organic.

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