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Immune Boost is great for ramping up the immune system before any potential exposure, such as travel, teachers returning to work after school breaks, or when you just know I always get a "cold" or allergy at this time of year. Potentially wards off colds, flu, infections from infectious diseases.


Ingredients: John Charles, Jackass Bitters, Billy Webb Bark


*Contraindicated in Pregnancy, for people with autoimmune disorders like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS and for infants up to 1 year.


Disclaimer: Michelle Brown and Wildflowers Wellness do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, as defined by the AMA or WHO. 

Immune Boost Dry Herbal Blend

  • Herbs are sourced from Belize. This dry herbal blend is gluten-free and organic.

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