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Nerve tonic is used during stressful times, for anxiety and insomnia, and stress related indigestion. This is single herb is a panacea to the nervous system. It can even be useful for nervous animals! I personally have used it in practice with those who are experiencing postpartum depression (under professional supervision, please book a consultation), PTSD and lifelong sleep disturbance. Please see cautions listed below.


Ingredients: Man Vine, Tequila


Caution:  Not to be taken in conjunction with antidepressant, anxiolytic or smoking cessation medications



Disclaimer: Michelle Brown and Wildflowers Wellness do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, as defined by the AMA or WHO.

Nerve Tonic Tincture

SKU: 126351351935
  •  This Nerve Tonic is tinctured in tequila and packaged in a 2 or 4 oz bottle. Herbs are sourced from Belize. This tincture is gluten-free and organic.

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