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Self Care Class Kit $153

• Cotton Faja handmade in Belize

• Castor oil pack

• Sample pack herbs 

• Maya moon oil, 2 oz.

• Includes free vaginal steam herbs


Upgraded Self Care Kit (additional $81)

• Don Elijio’s copal blend

• Copal oil, 2 oz.

• Beaded amulet bag handmade from Belize


Mix and match - you choose 4 tinctures that will make up your sample pack. Please specificy which tinctures you would like in the notes at checkout.


Tincture options: Belly Be Good, Blood Tonic, Detox Formula, Female Tonic, Flu Away, Immune Boost, Jackass Bitters, Kidney Support, Male Tonic, Nerve Tonic, Strong Back, Sweet Blood and Traveler's Tonic. 


All tinctures are tinctured in tequila and packaged in a 2 oz bottle. Herbs are ethically sourced from Belize. This tincture is gluten-free and organic.


Disclaimer: Michelle Brown and Wildflowers Wellness do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, as defined by the AMA or WHO.

Self Care Kit

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